Together, we can create a beautiful, transformational experience for you or your loved one as you traverse the journey of serious illness or end-of-life.

My team and I offer 2 distinct services, each of which begins in the same place: with a thoughtful—and  complimentary—telephone consultation during which we get to know you, your goals, your fears and your deepest desires during this time.

We recognize and honor the spiritual nature of life and death and aim to guide you in truly LIVING each and every day of your life, even if it feels like you’re facing enormous challenges right now.

Customized Care Program

If you or the prospective patient live in the San Diego area, and you’d like a team of compassionate, dedicated healing professionals who are committed to helping you cope with a serious illness, or live your final days with love, joy, and understanding, then our Customized Care Program may be a great fit for you.

This option includes customized, intimate whole-person healthcare in the setting of your choice, with ongoing support, supervision and oversight. The goal of our Customized Care Program is to ensure that, through a unique integrative, whole-person approach, serious illness or the end of life is filled with joy, gratitude and love, rather than fear and confusion.

We employ a village concept when it comes to your care, utilizing a team that includes hand-selected physicians, nurses, physical therapists, nutrition experts, music therapists, acupuncturists, and a gourmet chef.

The team makes it possible for you (or your loved one) to live more comfortably during illness through healing stages, or in the case of terminal illness or end of life, to live each of your remaining days with dignity, comfort, and peace. We want you to enjoy a beautiful, transformational experience with an unprecedented level of support.

For people in the San Diego area, in addition to the concierge in-home medical care, we offer the following integrative services in the home to enhance life, promote peace of mind and bring more joy:

Integrative Services

Massage Therapy

  • Our massage therapists provide gentle massage to create relaxation and reduce discomfort in addition to calming skin care to reduce stress and anxiety


Nutritional Guidance

  • Our passionate nutrition experts assess the unique needs of each individual and develop nutrition plans focused on healing, preserving function and honoring the joy that food offers.


Gourmet Meal Preparation and Delivery

  • Our gourmet chef offers individualized, nutritious, organic and healthy gourmet meals to be delivered right to your home


Music Therapy

  • Our gifted professional music therapists explore people’s musical connections, life stories and strengths, and provide deep comfort and joy during challenging times.


Physical Therapy

  • Our physical therapists– experienced in addressing the challenges and needs of the elderly and ill– develop creative, individualized programs to improve comfort, function and safety.



  • Our amazing acupuncturist also works with herbal remedies and energy techniques to provide relief from pain or anxiety and promote the body’s natural healing properties


Sand Play Therapy

  • Our trained Sand Play therapist offers a truly unique modality to help reduce depression and anxiety through this time-tested, creative and enjoyable technique



  • Assisting patients and family members in processing through and overcoming emotional issues such as anxiety and depression

We promise to walk beside you, guide you along this uncertain and shifting path, and navigate you through it, so you can get out from under the fear and stress you’ve been weighed down by, and get back to living the life you are meant to live.

To learn more about how we may be able to act as your guide and advocate on your journey, please contact us for a Complimentary Consultation.

Request Complimentary Consultation

There’s no obligation—we know first-hand what a confusing, scary, frustrating time this is for you. This complimentary consultation is simply an opportunity to see if we can provide you with some much-needed support.

Virtual Coaching

If you or the prospective patient live outside the San Diego area, and would like loving, compassionate guidance to work through the fears and confusion about the challenges before you as you face serious illness or the end of life, then you may be a great candidate for Virtual Coaching, which takes place through regular phone contact, email and/or Skype meetings.

As one of our valued coaching clients, my experienced team members and I can guide you through the process of defining your goals on this journey and then in creating a plan to achieve these goals based on the resources you have, the people and healthcare providers involved, and the limits and constraints you face.

The most important aspect of coaching is that I, and my team members, work with you to help you find peace of mind, gratitude and wellbeing during your journey, no matter what you’re dealing with, so that instead of feeling fear and confusion, you are enveloped in comfort, joy and love.

Drawing upon my background in a traditional medical setting, my training as a Life Coach, as well as my personal and professional experience in end-of-life care, I can guide you in better communicating with your doctors and other care providers, and in identifying additional services or modalities that may be beneficial.

If you feel like this level of comprehensive, customized in-person care, or our virtual coaching, may be what you and your family need at this point, it all begins with a phone call.  Simply click the button below to fill out a brief questionnaire and request a Complimentary Consultation.

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