Complimentary Consultation

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Discover how you can become an active creator of a peaceful, transformative and joy-filled journey, whether it’s you or a loved one who is facing a serious illness or the end of life.

If you arrived on this page, chances are you:

  • Have a strong desire to make the journey through serious illness or the final stage of life (your own or those of a loved one), as beautiful and dignified as possible … but you aren’t sure how to make this happen.
  • Feel inadequate when it comes to making decisions about healthcare, and guilty about making what might be the “wrong” decisions.
  • Know there are so many services available during this time, but aren’t sure what they are or which ones would be best for your situation.
  • Are stressed and anxious about ensuring you’ve done everything possible to create a transformative experience, and it’s affecting all areas of your life.
  • Feel overwhelmed, isolated, and alone, trying to figure everything out.

You want, more than anything, for the stages of the serious illness, or your end-of-life journey, to be the spiritual, peaceful experience you wish it could be.

dr-bob-w-patient-2015If any of this sounds familiar, I would like to offer you a Complimentary Consultation, in which you will share the details of your current situation and I will guide you in figuring out the next steps you need to take. Together we will explore whether my team and I can provide you with the guidance and resources to best support you in your unique situation.

If, after the consultation, we decide to work together, you will:

  • Understand the options available to you, and the benefits and drawbacks of those options.
  • Feel confident that you’ve done everything possible to make this a beautiful time.
  • Stop stressing over the details and start living life again.
  • Rest assured that all your needs (or those of your loved one) are being met.
  • Experience the peace that comes with knowing this time of serious illness, or the end of life process, will be dignified, calm, peaceful, and filled with joy.
  • And more.

Our Services

For residents of the San Diego area, we offer a revolutionary, complete, high-quality, whole person medical planning and care from a team of compassionate healing professionals.

When you join our Customized Care Program, you receive:

  • An in-depth assessment of your current medical and spiritual needs, desires, and goals.
  • A comprehensive Plan of Care incorporating existing health care practitioners (if you wish) and a team of compassionate, caring healing professionals.
  • Ongoing medical supervision and support.
  • Compassionate guidance and strong advocates for a common-sense and considerate approach to your care (or the care of your loved one).
  • Coordination with other physicians and health care providers.
  • Ongoing and meaningful support via telephone or email.

For residents outside of the San Diego area, we offer Virtual Coaching Program, providing guidance and suggestions as well as ongoing support.

When you enroll in Virtual Coaching, you receive:

  • An initial in-depth assessment of your current medical and spiritual needs, desires, goals, and dreams.
  • Support and guidance regarding recommended services to seek and resources to utilize.
  • Ongoing support and guidance via phone or Skype.

My team members and I would be honored to act as your guides on this journey, so that you can relax and enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive, individualized in-person care or virtual coaching, your first step is to fill out the form below to determine whether you qualify for a Complimentary Consultation with me, or one of our intake specialists. Because the nature of our care is so intensive and specialized, we take on only a limited number of clients, and we want to ensure we’re a good fit for each one. There’s no obligation — I know first-hand what a confusing, scary, frustrating time this is for you. This is simply an opportunity to see if we can provide you with some much-needed support.

Complimentary Consultation Questionnaire

  • This questionnaire will allow me to learn about your unique situation, your challenges and some of the solutions you have attempted. Please complete it in detail so we can use our time together as efficiently as possible.