dr-bob-w-patient-2015If you or a loved one is experiencing a serious illness or facing the final stage of life, and want to experience the journey with the greatest sense of peace and well-being possible, Dr. Bob Uslander and his team are here to help.
You and your loved ones will benefit from a loving, comprehensive team approach to healthcare (at home or in the setting of your choice) designed to transform the sacred journey through complex illness or the final days and make it as comfortable, peaceful and joyful as possible.

If you’re here, chances are you’re experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Your loved one is seriously or terminally ill, and you want to make sure you’re doing what you can to ensure the best possible quality of life for him as he makes his final transition.
  • You know your family member needs intensive, customized care, but you feel uncertain and scared, because you don’t know exactly what she needs or who to trust to provide it.
  • You feel guilty because you don’t want the person you love to spend the final days of his life in a hospital or nursing home … but you don’t know what else to do to ensure his safety.
  • Finding the right care for your loved one has you feeling stressed and anxious, and it’s impacting all the other areas of your life, including your own health, your relationships and your work.
  • You feel isolated and alone, trying to figure everything out, while doing what’s right for everyone involved.
  • If it’s you who is seriously or terminally ill, you don’t want your family members feeling all of the above on your behalf.

If any (or all) of this sounds familiar, we want you to take a deep breath.

You are in the right place, and we are here to help.

Serious illnesses and/or the final stage of life can be a time of transformation, when they’re approached with the right blend of logic and heart. Growth, understanding, gratitude, and forgiveness can happen in this space, when the confusion and fear that often prevail are replaced with understanding and love.

“We were so incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Bob guide us down the toughest, but most profoundly meaningful of all paths. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like without him there for us.” Jonathan (Son of patient)
“We had all these doctors taking care of Bill, but no one would talk honestly or openly with us about what was going on, so we were in the dark. Dr. Bob was like a life raft in stormy seas for us. He’s kind and honest, and told it to us straight, so we could focus on doing what was most important to Bill in the last few months of his life. We are eternally grateful for that.”Jan (Wife of patient)


uslander-team-photoUsing a collaborative team approach to whole-person healthcare, our first step is to fully understand who the patient is, and what is most important to him or her. We then create a customized, personalized plan of care for that person, with the goal of making his or her life as beautiful as it can be, whether our time together lasts weeks, months or years.

Because my team and I are so involved with – and put so much time and energy into – each patient and their quality care, we can only work with a small number of patients at any given time. In addition to the patients and families we meet and work with in person, we also offer virtual coaching services via phone or Internet, to guide people through what may feel like a very complicated journey as seamlessly as possible.

If you feel like this level of comprehensive, customized in-person care, or our virtual coaching, may be what you and your family need at this point, it all begins with a phone call. Simply click the button below to fill out a brief questionnaire and request a Complimentary Consultation. 

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“Dr. Bob’s ease of manner and obvious caring made difficult conversations easier, and his support made the unbearable bearable.” Judith (Daughter of patient)
“I have never experienced such a close relationship with a doctor before! To me, you’re more than a doctor– I consider you an angel and a dear friend.” Harold (Husband of patient)